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Cognixion is an ambitious, award-winning neuroscience and tech company. Established in 2017, we’re working on a number of revolutionary apps for people affected by neurodevelopmental disorders and injuries to the brain and spinal cord. We specialize in AAC apps, augmented reality, and bridging the gap between marginalized silence and the rest of the world.

We’re AI-powered people with a talented team of visionary technologists, researchers and designers focused on creating products that accelerate and enrich human communication and connection.

Cognixion develops software that people with communication challenges can use to express themselves 10X faster than any other solution on the market. Truly augmentative conversational interfaces. Our award-winning AAC app, Speakprose, is now available on iTunes. We’ve recently announced the release of Speakprose Pro+ with revolutionary eye-tracking and facial recognition technology that allows users to control the app through eye movements and facial expressions.

Areas of Focus

We build upon and create sound science, cutting-edge technologies and natural interfaces for accessing the world in new ways.


Our wireless BCI technology optimizes the signals from each user's unique brain and can be fitted to any head shape. By reading brain signals alone, our BCI solution detects attention toward an object that

represents the intended speech.


Our advanced machine learning algorithms adapt to the nuances in how users interact with our technology. With each use, our technology gets smarter and more efficient at recognizing, and even predicting what the user intends to communicate.


We enable users to simultaneously interact with their physical environment and the overlaid digital world. As they select an object in AR to indicate their intended speech, we personalize communication options according to the user's current context and adapt the AR system based on changing environments.


We create solutions based on behavioral and brain science to support learning and operation. Our structured digital environments are motivating, easy to use, and quickly develop new capabilities.


We build on whatever abilities are available – hearing, touch, gesture, movement, or even simply attention to the environment – as we design interfaces to enable nonverbal individuals communicate their intentions.


We improve quality of life and create economic impact. Easier access to communication for the nonverbal individual means reductions in frustration, isolation, and costly behavioral interventions. Their newfound independence and social inclusion leads to new opportunities to close the equity gap.

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Quotes: CEO

“We’re working hard to create products that engage non-speaking communities with the rest of the world by enabling simple tools that are cost-effective and accessible. We are using the power of AI and biometrics for the good of humanity.” Andreas Forsland, CEO

“It’s like a neuro-bionic capability, our technology is so easy and natural to use that it quickly becomes a digital extension of someone’s body and abilities. Like a superpower.” Andreas Forsland, CEO

QUOTES: Customers

“I found it to be very easy to use!  Right away, I was able to use the eye tracking feature to speak.  And with some practice, I got really good at controlling the cursor with my eyes. Speakprose Pro+ is the first ever speech app with eye tracking that is affordable and doesn't require any special equipment except my iPhone or iPad.” Chris Benedict, Speakprose user with Cerebral Palsy

Tap, Gesture, and Eye Gaze – all in one app!  The Speakprose application is helping individuals with developmental disabilities move towards greater independence. The Eye Gaze feature can support a person who has minimal to no use of upper extremities and difficulty speaking, or, has no voice at all, to communicate.” Gil Addison, Community Integration Manager, Pathpoint

“Incredibly intuitive!  I love that this eye tracking technology is extremely portable so that the individual can not only navigate throughout their communities with their communication device but they can also connect with their communities and get their needs met more immediately.” Megan Stollmeyer, MA BCBA Applied Behavioral Analyst, Holdsambeck Behavioral Health

Wow!! So exciting that Speakprose Pro+ has added eye tracking as a way for minimally-verbal people to engage in social communication throughout their daily lives.” Julie Blair, CCC-SLP Clinical Speech Language Pathologist