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Cognixion is a team of visionary technologists, researchers and designers focused on creating products that accelerate and enrich human communication and physical capabilities.


Our Mission Matters

Cognixion is a mission-driven company, aiming to unlock speech for hundreds of millions of people worldwide affected by communication disabilities. By providing affordable and accessible technologies that are powered by AI (artificial intelligence), the world will look and feel very different in the next decade. We will be interacting with far more AI-Powered People at school, at work and on the go. Imagine a world where there are thousands of creators, scientists, artists, engineers, change-makers and philosophers just like Stephen Hawking, contributing to society now that they have a voice.




Cognixion develops software that people with communication challenges can use to express themselves 10x faster than any other solution on the market. Truly augmentative conversational interfaces. Our award-winning AAC app, Speakprose, is available now in iTunes.

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Speakprose Pro+

Speakprose Pro+ is the most accessible eye and facial tracking augmentative speech application. This affordable eye-tracking controlled AAC app includes all of the Pro edition features and language package. Try Speakprose Pro+ for FREE for 30-Days.

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News & Insights

Join the conversation about augmenting human capacity using Cognixion technology. We blog our thoughts including scientific research, interesting insights, company and product news. You can learn from our scientists, designers, data & bio-signal experts, linguists, speech and behavioral analysts.


Our People


We are user centric, highly collaborative and driven to make a massive global impact in the lives of individuals and transform the world at large by making advanced technologies easily accessible, usable and affordable. We are located with in Toronto Ontario and Santa Barbara California, and collaborate with scientific and clinical partners around the world.


Andreas Forsland

Founder & Company Leadership (CEO)


Leonard Zerman

Co-Founder & Technology Leadership (CTO)


Vivian Valentin, PhD

Cognitive Science, User Research & Data Analytics


Wil Macaulay

System Architecture & Technology Management


Diana Pereira

Finance, Accounting, Legal & Human Resources


Tom Ladd

Managing Director of Canada, Business Development & Sales


Meaghan Azlein

Marketing Operations,
Training, & Customer Care


Cris Micheli, PhD

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Biosignals


Coming soon

Mixed Reality NUI Designer


Vivianna Day

Product Management


Sarah Pearce

BCI Software Engineering


Coming soon

Firmware & Embedded Systems




Julie Blair, CCC-SLP

Clinical Certified Speech Language Pathologist


Tiago Falk, PhD

Bio-Signal Processing & Artificial Intelligence at Musae Lab & Institut national de la recherche scientifique

CXN_headshots_0001s_0007_Ning Jiang.jpg

Ning Jiang, PhD

Applied Neuroscience, Biomechanical Engineering & Machine Learning at
University of Waterloo




David Rose

Wearables & Artificial Intelligence
VP, Vision Technology at
Warby Parker



Bernardo de Albergaria

SaaS business models
CEO at Beckon


Areas of Focus

We build upon and create sound science, cutting-edge technologies and natural interfaces for accessing the world in new ways.

Brain Control Interfaces

Our wireless BCI technology optimizes the signals from each user's unique brain and can be fitted to any head shape. By reading brain signals alone, our BCI solution detects attention toward an object that represents the intended speech.

Artificial Intelligence

Our advanced machine learning algorithms adapt to the nuances in how users interact with our technology. With each use, our technology gets smarter and more efficient at recognizing, and even predicting what the user intends to communicate.

Augmented Reality

We enable users to simultaneously interact with their physical environment and the overlaid digital world. As they select an object in AR to indicate their intended speech, we personalize communication options according to the user's current context and adapt the AR system based on changing environments.

Applied Neuroscience

We create solutions based on behavioral and brain science to support learning and operation. Our structured digital environments are motivating, easy to use, and quickly develop new capabilities.

Fostering human capabilities

We build on whatever abilities are available – hearing, touch, gesture, movement, or even simply attention to the environment – as we design interfaces to enable nonverbal individuals communicate their intentions.

Behavioral benefits & social impact

We improve quality of life and create economic impact. Easier access to communication for the nonverbal individual means reductions in frustration, isolation, and costly behavioral interventions. Their newfound independence and social inclusion leads to new opportunities to close the equity gap.


Careers at Cognixion

Do the best work of your life

We are committed to transforming the world. That starts with you and the type of work you get to do. And, the environment you wish to live, work & play.

Would you like to be a part of an innovative venture-backed startup that is pioneering the next frontier in human communication? Cognixion is building a revolutionary sensory communication platform with an audacious goal of being able to communicate with anyone around the world via a direct brain computer interface and other nonverbal inputs. Specifically, translating brainwave patterns into digital controls that can be utilized to give people with severe disabilities greater access to communication, giving professionals access to data that helps them make better choices, and new more natural user interfaces for communicating with others. We’re unlocking human potential by working at the intersection of artificial intelligence (A.I.), augmented reality (AR) and neurotechnology and are developing a platform of accessible solutions that accelerate communication access for those who need it most.

We have a very team-oriented environment and work in a collaborative fashion. We have grown over the past four years and now have offices and employees based in Santa Barbara California and Toronto Ontario.

Job openings

Mixed Reality NUI UX Designer

Product Manager

Mechanical Engineer

Embedded Systems Engineer

iOS Application Developer

Industrial Designer - Wearables

Data Scientist - Biological signals

Working at Cognixion

Cognixion HQ is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, California. A 20 minute flight to LA, or 1 hour flight to San Francisco, Santa Barbara is the ideal location for you to have access to world-class technology and talent, while retaining the open headspace to focus and concentrate on doing great work - outside the bubble of both major cities. Some of the worlds most loved and fastest growing companies are in Santa Barbara including Microsoft (LinkedIn), Amazon (Alexa), Google (Quantum Computing), Sonos (wireless audio), TrackR (consumer devices), Apeel Sciences (sustainable food products), LogMeIn (SaaS collaboration products), LogicMonitor (IT monitoring), ProCore (Construction Tech), Zoom (video conferencing), Honey (eCommerce), ImpactRadius (Marketing Tech), Commission Junction/CJ (Affiliate Marketing Tech), Invoca (Call monitoring), FLIR Systems (Thermal imaging), Raytheon (Govt Tech Innovations), SpaceX (Rockets), Innogen (mobile air concentrators), Evidation Health (AI for scientific discovery), Medtronic (Medical Devices), USDM (Life Science), InTouch Health (Telemedicine) Cognixion (AI-powered assistive technologies) and many others. Further, we are ranked as having the #1 best weather in the United States, with amazing food, entertainment and natural splendor for hiking, surfing, boating, cycling or whatever you love to do.


Cognixion R&D is located directly across from Roy Thomson Hall, in the heart of downtown Toronto. Toronto has become the international epicenter for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neuroscience and advanced science and technology. It is also the largest, most dynamic city in all of Canada, with fantastic arts, entertainment, sports, dining and nature within a short walk or drive. Toronto Union Station is only a couple blocks from our office, with rapid access throughout the greater Toronto area as well as a short distance to Montreal and New York.



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