Speak with one finger

Speakprose is the revolutionary mobile-communications tool that helps nonverbal communicators engage in conversation and express their true selves using simple taps and gestures.


Say hello to your conversational trainer

Speakprose includes an AI-powered chat bot with an array of real life social stories and scenarios that are designed to help non-communicators as well as developing communicators to be more comfortable and capable having fluid conversations in real life. 

This is the result of deep collaborations between Clinical Speech Language Pathologists, Linguists, Applied Behavior Analysts, Cognitive Neuroscientists, Psychologists and tested with special education teachers, parents and students, unlocking joyful interactions, and progressive understandings of how to respond correctly and intuitively to social interactions.

 Insert beauty shot of Speakprose Academy screen (chat bot)

Intuitive access

Speakprose offers users a thoughtfully designed interface that assemble sentences naturally, enabling more opportunities to engage others in dynamic conversation with 10x fewer taps than any other speech generating AAC application.

Communicate faster

Tired of tapping or looking at overwhelming grids of images in traditional AAC apps? We are the pioneer and inventor of gesture-based communication. You can setup custom phrases - including emoji - that are spoken with a swipe.

Reward progress

Now you can monitor and report progress against IEP or other development and rehabilitative goals. Realtime data analysis as well as deep personalization for you. You can also upgrade to the Pro version to unlock more capabilities.


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