Say hi to your conversation


Works on iPhone and iPad


Giving Voice

Speakprose empowers people with communication challenges to achieve an independent life and truly engage with the world.

Meet the Speakprose team

Achieve an Independent Life

Use simple taps and gestures to engage in real-life conversation and express yourself with ease.

Express Your True Self

Strengthen social confidence and break down barriers to communication.

Engage with the Real World

Improve conversational abilities beyond the classroom into everyday life.

Personalize Learning

Customize icons or pictures for key phrases to make on the fly communication faster and more successful.

"I really like the interface, how when having a conversation it forces you to choose an appropriate response, and that there is a lot of potential to train individuals with special needs conversation skills to be more independent. I enjoyed the conversation feature, the simplicity, the interface was enjoyable to look at and not confusing to navigate..."

-- Christian Trifforiot, Vocational Education Instructor
Hope Technology School, Palo Alto, CA


Intuitive interface

Speakprose offers users a thoughtfully designed, patent pending, interface that assembles sentences naturally, enabling more opportunities to engage others in dynamic conversation with 10x fewer taps than any other speech generating AAC application.


Accelerate learning

Strengthen social confidence and break through barriers to communication by practicing social conversations using scripted conversations with our patent pending Speakprose Academy chatbot conveniently located inside the app.

The Chatbot

Initiates conversations using sentence builder so the user can learn to participate in social dialog with ease.

Reward System

Creates an expansive learning landscape so your loved one will enjoy exploring, while you monitor their progress.


Monitor, reward & share

Practice makes perfect and lots of attempts help increase comprehension and expression. Help guide learning, track progress and results using Speakprose’ patent pending performance dashboard located in the users’ profile.


The Speakprose Difference

We know what it's like to be frustrated with traditional digital flashcard apps that are too complex, difficult to learn and slow to operate as a functional communication solution. That's why we created Speakprose.


Traditional Digital
Flashcard Apps

(ProLoQuo2Go, TouchChat)

Fast with an intuitive interface

Tap or gesture to quickly access core words, express wants, needs, feelings, ask questions in real-time.

Complex grid interface.

Users struggle to functionally communicate fast enough to engage in real-time conversation.

Purpose-built for everyday conversation

Built to empower users to functionally communicate quickly, beyond the classroom into everyday life.

Built as a teaching tool NOT everyday conversation

Good for education but not nearly adequate for daily communication beyond the classroom.

Accelerated learning with Speakprose Academy.

Practice social conversations using scripted conversations with the Speakprose Academy chatbot.

Limited for practicing social conversation

Used as a tool for teaching language systems and promoting literacy but do not focus on natural conversation.



Download in the Apple App Store


  • Engage in conversation
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Express yourself 10x faster than other apps
  • Conversation coach
  • Basic academy lessons
  • Swipe/tap to speak
  • Assemble your own sentences
  • Combine words and emojis!
  • Track real-time data analysis
  • Helpful email tips from educational and clinical professionals
  • Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch



Available by upgrading within the app


All Speakprose Basic Features, Plus:

  • Personalize everything
  • Custom gestures & phrases
  • Unlock all academy lessons
  • More chances for conversation coaching
  • Look up any word, edit tiles and expand vocabulary
  • Create a custom voice that reflects yours
  • Switch control
  • Guided access
  • Administrative control over features
  • Helpful email tips from educational and clinical professionals
  • Early access to new features and capabilities
  • In-app live chat and email support
  • And so much more...

Only Available for iPhone X series and iPad Pro (3rd gen)



Free 30-Days Trial

Available by upgrading within the app


All Speakprose Pro Features, Plus:

  • Accessible eye and face recognition
  • Move the pointer with your eyes
  • Select to speak with your eyes and face expressions
  • Choose your favorite selection method
  • Type with a patent-pending eye tracking keyboard
  • Predictive text support
  • Personalize all eye and facial tracking settings
  • Get eye tracking feedback from our patent-pending “Googly-Eyes”
  • Train your eyes to speak in an interactive training set
  • Select your own custom pointer
  • In-app live chat and email support
  • Helpful lesson plans