Eye can make you laugh.
Speakprose Pro+ now includes Facial Recognition and Eye Tracking.
Free for 30-Days, then only $39.99/month.
See it. Say it. With your eyes.
Speakprose Pro+ was designed to make communication easier for our friends with limited motor skills and communication challenges - to speak their mind using their eyes and facial expressions.

Speak by Using
Your Eyes

Guide the Googly Eyes pointer with your face and eyes to build sentences or type words with a steady gaze, blink, or smile.

Make it Feel
Like Your Own

You can fully customize your own personal eye tracking settings including pointer size, style, speed, selection mode and more.

Type Comfortably With
A Predictive Keyboard

If you have a lot on your mind, compose your thoughts on our eye-gaze friendly predictive keyboard with "Say it Again" button.

Eye can Say what I want.

Use your eyes to move our patent-pending Googly Eyes pointer to select expressive word tiles with your eyes and facial expressions. These expressions can be spoken aloud in a variety of natural sounding voices. Speakprose Pro+ is the most affordable and accessible eye-tracking SGD for AAC, and offers all of Pro edition language access, PLUS eye-tracking access.

Eye can Type what I know.

Have a lot on your mind or want to say more than just a few words - perhaps write some prose? Now you can comfortably type using your eyes and facial gestures with this custom patent-pending eye tracker and facial recognition friendly keyboard with predictive text, dynamic menus and a "Say it Again" button.

Eye can Make it my own.

Total personalization is in your hands. Every person has their own unique eye and facial control abilities. Individualize your own eye and facial recognition settings to make your experience as unique as you and feel like a natural extension of your mind and body. Adjust every aspect of your Pro+ settings to your delight.

Can I try it now?
It’s easy. Try Speakprose Pro+ for FREE for 30-Days. Speakprose Pro+ is only available on iPhone X (XR, XS) and the latest iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” with TrueDepth camera (3rd generation).

Install Speakprose

Download the free Speakprose app at the Apple App Store on a compatible device.

Set up your Profile

Create your profile, choose your favorite voice, and add your email to receive tips from education and clinical experts!

Upgrade to Pro+

When prompted, tap the Upgrade to Pro+ button. It will ask your permission for billing, and give your first 30-days for free!

Calibrate and Personalize

Follow some simple prompts to calibrate the eye-tracking, choose your favorite pointer and preferred selection method.

Start Talking and Typing

Guide the Googly Eyes pointer to select quick blurts, longer expressions, or type and speak whatever is on your mind.

Over 37,000+ people and growing can now speak. We hear you loud and clear.

Wow! It worked for my daughter.
“We tried other expensive AAC apps for my daughter and none of them worked until this app. She likes using the hand gestures to quickly access her favorite comments and successfully used the eye tracking to control the app to build sentences to speak. We are so thrilled!!”
- Rorah144, Parent

I love that Speakprose Pro+ is so easy to personalize
“Students that can use touching, swiping, or eye gaze movement to communicate are able to access this app on their ipads or iphones immediately.”
- Julie Blair, CCC-SLP Clinical Speech Language Pathologist

Incredibly intuitive
“Speakprose Pro+ is providing incredible and intuitive technology to those with communication deficits. I love that this eye tracking technology is extremely portable so that the individual can not only navigate throughout their communities with their communication device but they can also connect with their communities and get their needs met more immediately.”
- Megan Stollmeyer, Applied Behavioral Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are required for Speakprose Pro+?

Speakprose Pro+ with eye and facial tracking only works with the latest iPhone X series (X, XR, XS, XS Max) and iPad Pro (3rd generation) 11' and 12.9' with TrueDepth Camera and iOS 12 or newer.


How can I try out Speakprose Pro+ with eye and face tracking?

Download the free Speakprose at the Apple App store and press the upgrade button for Speakprose Pro+ (only available on suitable devices). Your first 30-Days are FREE. Then it is $39.99/ month after your first month.

Does eye and facial tracking work for everyone?

Eye tracking technology may not be suitable for everyone. Certain eye conditions such as, but not limited to, Ptosis, Nystagmus, Strabismus, and Cortical Vision Impairment can impact the calibration and tracking of the eyes. Best to try it out, and evaluate for yourself.


How do I contact support for more information?

You can chat live with us by tapping on the pink colored button in the lower right corner of our website, as well as within the Speakprose app for more urgent help. You can also email us at customercare@cognixion.com For business related opportunities including partnerships, district wide or network wide sales, live demos or investor interest, please use our online contact form here.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to get the most out of your Pro+ upgrade.

Additional Technical Recommendations

The new Speakprose Pro+ Upgrade requires iPhones X, XS, XR or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (IOS 12 or later).

iPad Pro (3rd generation) 11'' and 12.9'' with TrueDepth Camera and iOS 12 or newer.

iPhone X series (X, XR, XS, XS Max) and iOS 12 or newer.

iPad iPhone

Try the Speakprose Pro+ upgrade for free!

Try the new Speakprose Pro+ free for 30-days and experience all its fantastic features! And, continue to enjoy all the benefits from Speakprose Pro+ after that for only $39.99 a month.

Try It Free!

Free for first 30-Days, then only $39.99/month.
Compare with systems costing thousands of dollars and months to procure, setup and learn.