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What is Speakprose?

Speakprose is a functional communication app that empowers users with the tools and self-confidence to engage in conversation, build meaningful relationships, and express their true selves. With an intuitive interface, users can tap or gesture to quickly access core words, express wants, needs, feelings, ask questions, and more. Users can also strengthen their social confidence and break through barriers to communication by practicing scripted conversations in the Speakprose Academy.


How is it different than symbol-based AAC apps and PECS?

PECS and symbol-based AAC apps often position themselves as functional communication tools. Truthfully, they are more often used as a tool for teaching language systems and promoting literacy. Because PECS apps use complex grid interfaces with tens of thousands of individual picture cards to sort through, many users with limited abilities struggle to functionally communicate fast enough to engage in real-time conversation. In other words, PECS apps excel as a teaching tool, and are not adequate for daily communication use beyond the classroom. We designed Speakprose to empower users to functionally communicate quickly, and improve their conversational abilities, anywhere and anytime - beyond the classroom into everyday life.


What kinds of users is Speakprose best suited for?

While Speakprose is accessible for everyone, it is best suited for semi-literate to literate users who aspire to improve their access to core communication, improve social communication skills, strengthen literacy and increase opportunities for social engagement with friends, family, neighbors, support professionals and everyday people they meet. Conversely, for users with high-cognitive function, who may desire the ability for instantaneous, complex, and nuanced communication, apps that offer typing or tapping of tens of thousands of words in a complex interface may be a better fit for them. Speakprose is a great bridge for the the new AAC user, emerging communicators and those who wish to breakthrough barriers to more dynamic social engagement.


How should I be using Speakprose?

Speakprose can be used with either gestures or taps to express core communication (basic phrases, wants, needs, requests, questions, and descriptions) quickly and easily. For those desiring to improve their social communication skills, they can use the Speakprose Academy to practice social conversation using scripted conversations with a chatbot. You can also customize sentences, add your own custom phrases, lookup words, and even type your own words. Speakprose also supports emoji libraries so if you wish to combine emoji with text in your sentences, it brings a level of fun and delight to your conversations.


How do I contact you for support?

You can contact us from within the app by going into Settings, then tapping on ‘Request Support’ button, or you can simply tap on the pink chat icon on the lower right corner of this screen to start a live chat with a Customer Care person. If it's after hours, you can also send us an email via this button.

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Should I be using taps or gestures?

You can either taps or gestures, it really depends on the users preferred method of input or ability. All core words, sentences, questions, and lookups can be accessed via gestures or taps.


How do I change my voice?

From the Profile view, tap on Voices button to select your voice and change your vocal settings.



How do I use the basics tiles?

Tap on any of the basics tiles to trigger the word. You can also tap on ‘I want’, ‘I need’, or ‘I feel’ to start sentences or Question to start a Question. You can also tap on Lookups to lookup a word.


How do I quickly say a word that’s not part of the basic tiles?

Tap on the Lookup button from the Basics view to lookup a word. You can type in your own word or phrase, or select from one of the available vocab words.


How do I access words I recently looked up?

Tap on the Lookup button from the Basics view to lookup a word. Tap the Recent Lookups button to see the words or phrases you’ve recently looked up.



How do I build sentences?

Tap on ‘I want’, ‘I need’, or ‘I feel’ to start sentences or Question to start a question. You can also start sentences using gestures. Once you start a sentence, you can tap one of the purple tiles to select that word. Some purple tiles are group tiles, allowing you to open them up with the open button on the right of the tile. This will reveal subword tiles from the category, that you can also choose. If you want to say a word you don’t see, you can tap the ‘lookup’ button to add a word.


How do I add more tiles?

After selecting a purple tile, tap the ‘+’ button to reveal more words to add after your first word. You can choose a word, and tap the ‘+’ again to add another word.


How do I edit tiles?

Tap the pencil icon next to any word to change the word on the tile. You can type in your own word or phrase, or select from one of the available vocab words.


How do I look up a word that I don’t see?

If you want to say a word you don’t see, you can tap the purple lookup ‘lookup’ to add a word. To add words on the orange and pink tiles, you can edit these tiles with the pencil icon and pick your own word.


If I’ve edited a purple tile, how can I revert to the category tiles?

Tap the pencil to edit the purple tile, and tap on ‘Category Tiles’ from the list. From there, you can select a category tile to replace your custom purple tile.



How do I use the gesture pad?

You can use a variety of swipes, taps, or shape drawings to trigger words, phrases, sentences, and lookup words. To see a reference of available gestures, tap the small button on the bottom of the gesture pad to show/hide the gesture reference. You can tap on any gesture reference and see the corresponding gesture outline and the phrase it will speak. You can the use your fingers follow the arrows for swipes, draw shapes for shapes, or tap for dots.


What are custom gestures?

Custom gestures speak phrases that the user creates. There are six available custom gestures to choose from.


How do I edit my own gestures?

You can edit your custom gesture phrases by tapping on the pencil icon on  each gesture tile from the Custom view. You can then type in your own word or phrase, or select from one of the available vocabulary words.

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What is the Academy for?

The Academy helps user improve their social communication and conversation skills. You will see a series of chat scenarios that you can try. Each chat has a chatbot that the user can converse with. The user will be prompted to respond to the conversation cues with the chatbot, and can try two times to answer correctly. If the answer isn’t correct, the chatbot will move on. After the scenario is complete, the user will receive a score, from 1 to 3 stars, depending on the number of correct answers. If the user gets all answers correct, they will earn 3 stars.


Can i change my answer to a question?

Because the goal is to mimic real life conversation, each chat allows the user to try to answer two different times. After that, the conversation moves on. Over time, after practicing the chat script, the user can improve their responses to answer all the questions correctly, thus improving conversation abilities.


How do I earn stars?

By answering all the questions correctly in the chat script, the user will earn 3 stars. If the user answers ⅓ of the questions correctly, they will earn 1 star. If they user answers ⅔ of the questions correctly, they will earn 2 stars.


How should I use it with students?

Start with the easiest chats first. Begin with assisting them to complete the chat script. Over time, transition them to completing it on their own, until they can independently complete the chat script correctly. After that, try to have a face-to-face conversation with the student that mimics the chat script, and have them answer your questions using the app, rather than the chat script itself.


Can I make my own scripts, or edit them?

We will be introducing features in the future that will allow you to create your own chat scripts.




How do I edit my profile information?

Tap on ‘Settings’ from the Profile view, and then tap ‘Edit Profile’ to edit your profile information, like First Name, Last Name, Age, and School


How do I change my voice?

From the Profile view, tap on Voices to select your voice and change the vocal settings


How do I change my emoji avatar?

From the Profile view, tap on Edit button in the top right corner of the screen to change the user emoji.


What is a streak?

A streak is the amount of gestures triggered in a row without errors.


How do I reset my password?

From the login screen, tap on ‘Log in’. From there, tap the ‘Forgot Password?’ link to reset your password.




How long can I use Speakprose for FREE?

Your goal is our goal. To unlock communication. Speakprose (Basic) is free forever, with a set of standard core language, basic profile settings, some Academy lessons, and preset gestures. If you wish to step it up and enable your communicator to edit or change words and tiles, lookup hundreds of thousands of words, add emoji, save custom phrases, receive infinite access to all new Academy lessons and future features, unlock all of our Accessibility features and join our content rich community, you will definitely want to upgrade your Basic to a PRO or TEAM subscription.

You also should encourage everyone who works with or lives with your Speakprose communicator to also download Speakprose for free onto their own devices - iPhones 6 and newer and iPad 2 and newer (plus iPad mini and iPad Pro). This will enable everyone in the support "care circle" to accelerate the communicators development by modeling communication directly from their own app and device. This inspires, encourages, teaches and reinforces the users confidence and capability to communicate - plus increases the chances of greater independence through more frequent opportunities to communicate socially. Give it a try and tell everyone to download Speakprose for free.


How do I manage my Pro or Team subscription?

If you already have a PRO or TEAM subscription, you can manage the subscription entirely from your device, and it includes a low monthly fee billed automatically via the Apple App Store to the credit card you have associated with your Apple ID. Tap on Settings > ‘Your Name’ > iTunes & Apps Store. From there tap your Apple ID and then Subscriptions, and select the Speakprose app to manage your subscription.


How do I keep my subscription if migrating from another device?

We keep track of your subscription, as it is associated with your Apple ID. If you move to another device with the same Apple ID, your subscription will be valid.


How do I upgrade to a PRO subscription?

Tap the Upgrade to PRO button from the Profile menu. You can review the features that come with the subscription, and upgrade with your Touch ID or Apple ID.


How do I upgrade to TEAM subscription?

Tap the Upgrade to TEAM button from the Profile menu. You can review the features that come with the subscription, and tap ‘Schedule a Call’ to talk to a Cognixion specialist and see an online demo presentation of the TEAM edition.




Can I use Guided Access with the app?

Yes, you can use Guided Access with Speakprose. From the Settings menu, tap’ Access Controls’. You will be prompted to enter a four number access password, or create one if you haven’t done so. From there, tap on ‘Disable Hardware Buttons’ to see instruction on how to use Guided access. You can also visit Apple's page on setting up Guided Access for specific instructions.


How do I disable emojis?

From Settings, tap the ‘Emojis’ button to turn them off. You can easily turn them back on again anytime.


How do I lock out certain parts of the app?

From Settings, tap the ‘Access Controls’ button. From there, you will be prompted to enter a four number access password, or create one if you haven’t done so. After that, you can turn off different sections of the app, that users can only access with a password.


Can I control Speakprose with a switch access?

Speakprose is compatible with Apple iOS Switch Control accessibility features. If you know how to configure your native iOS switch access controls, then they fully support utilizing switch access control to communicate entirely via Speakprose. Visit Apple's page on setting up Switch Control for specific instructions.