Cognixion Featured in CIOReview Magazine


Cognixion is proud to announce that CIOReview Magazine is featuring Cognixion in its “20 Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers – 2018.”



CIOReview Magazine is a leading print magazine that highlights enterprise solutions redefining the business goals of future enterprises and organizations. This magazine bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors and buyers by sharing innovative solutions developed by well-respected and established solution providers like Cognixion. CIOReview Magazine only showcases the most important groundbreaking ideas, so this is a proud moment for everyone in the Cognixion family.

The feature article starts by noting that the brilliant and world-renowned scientist, Stephen Hawking, could not have made his significant contributions to cosmology and theoretical physics without assistive technology. Using this technology allowed Hawking to communicate with the world simply by blinking his eye or twitching his cheek.

Next, the article challenges the reader to consider the millions of people with speech disabilities and accessibility barriers who also have important ideas to share with the world. There might be hundreds or even thousands of other geniuses just like Stephen Hawking, but the lack of affordable technology had made expressing themselves or communicating their ideas impossible.

Until now.

“The vivid applications of latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and augmented reality (AR) can make it possible,” says Andreas Forsland, founder and CEO of Cognixion, in the feature.

Forsland laid the foundation of the AI-based company out of a desire to “democratize communication.” Cognixion fuses AI, ML, and AR to create affordable products that enrich human communication.

“Through our inventive technology, we allow differentially abled people to use their brain waves to control objects around them in the real and digital world. It is like a virtual mouse reading brain signals and taking decisions accordingly.”

The feature article goes on to explain how the Cognixion system can understand what the user wishes. The technology pairs advanced technology with electroencephalogram (EEG) to create a wearable headset that acts as a brain-computer interface that can detect what part of the Cognixion AR display the individual is paying attention to. Advanced dry electrodes, positioned comfortably on the person’s head, detect active patterns in brainwaves.

The electrodes are part of Cognixion’s wireless BCI, which works completely offline and is not dependent on cloud computing. The ability to work offline requires a creative and sophisticated approach to using machine learning and artificial intelligence, and Cognixion provides that alternative to traditional statistical methods. The brain-computer interface monitors the user’s eyes, analyzes the attributes of objects that the user sees, and communicates with the software running on the display to create a closed loop. The feature article details how Cognixion uses machine learning to optimize electrode positioning for ideal signal quality and to improve signal noise.

CIOReview Magazine also remarked at the incredible speed at which Cognixion identifies objects. In fact, the article mentions that Cognixion’s machine learning-enabled system can work as fast as human biological optics and neurology will allow, and do it with nearly 100 percent accuracy.

While this feature in CIOReview Magazine introduces a global audience to the use of AI, ML and brain-computer interfaces to facilitate communication, Cognixion has already empowered thousands of individuals with disabilities with their latest speech generating mobile app, Speakprose. This app, available for free download from Speakprose, allows individuals to accelerate social engagement with 10-times faster communication.

The entire team at Cognixion is excited about the feature article in CIOReview Magazine, and looks forward to helping even more people communicate through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and brain-computer interfaces and other advanced technologies.

Cognixion proudly invites you to read the article in CIOReview Magazine, where you can learn about the exciting technologies already offered by Cognixion and discover the innovations Cognixion plans to introduce in the years to come.