Assistive Technology. How can it assist you?

Photo curtosy of ATB

Photo curtosy of ATB

Here at Cognixion we are very interested in all things BCI, brain control interface, and it's potential to create opportunities to communicate directly from thought. 


Now brain computer interface has come a long way from what it once was. From invasive surgery and implant to a simple headset that can by customized and adjusted to the wearers preference.  


"In the last few years, we have read quite a bit about how technology has allowed our brain to control devices or objects around us without the use of limbs...Brain Computer Interfaces – the use of technology to translate human thoughts into machine commands. We are seeing the use of BCI more and more with prosthetic limbs but where does it end? Will we able to upload our memories straight from our brain to the cloud in the future? Sky is the limit when it comes to innovation through technology"


The potential is limitless..... 



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